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Significant Cases Litigated
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Disability Rights
Freedom of Expression
Gay/Lesbian Rights
International Human Rights
Jail Conditions/Indigent Defense/Death Penalty
Zitrin v. Georgia Composite Board of Medical Examiners, 288 Ga. App. 295 (2007) (asserting that Medical Board should discipline physicians who participate in executions in violation of American Medical Association standards)

Goodman v. State of Georgia, 546 U.S. 151 (2005) (Title II of the ADA provides a damage remedy for inmates) (amicus)

Jackson v. Whitworth, No. 1:04-CV-3181-JOF (N.D. Ga. 2004) (class action challenge to excessive monitoring fees for parolees)

Gardner v. Jones, 529 U.S. 244 (2000) (re-scheduling parole hearing does not violate ex post facto) (amicus)

Gibson v. Turpin, 270 Ga. 855 (1999) (refusing to appoint counsel for state habeas death row inmate with 76 IQ) (amicus)

Felker v. Turpin, 514 U.S. 1002 (1996) (constitutional challenge to application of Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act to habeas for capital defendant) (amicus)

Dewberry v. Pike County, No. 3:96-CV-19-JTC (N.D. Ga. 1996) (class action jail conditions suit settled and new jail built)

Williams v. Resseau, No. 91-61-1-MAC(WDO) (M.D. Ga. 1991) (class action jail conditions suit settled)

Open Government
Police Brutality
Race/National Origin Discrimination
Religious Freedom
Students/Juveniles Rights
Voting Rights
Women's Rights